Partysan Open Air warm up mit WORMROT + WOJCZECH + BROTCRUSTE

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Partysan Open Air warm up w/
WORMROT – grindcore | Singapore (Earache Records)
Wormrot plays hard-hitting and blisteringly fast grindcore with a penchant for breaking musical boundaries and norms. With Vijesh’s frantic and expressive drumming coupled with Rasyid’s clinical ability to fill the room with walls of noise with just a single guitar, their performances are bound to leave you awestruck. Wormrot is currently utilizing Gabriel Dubko as session vocalist for all upcoming shows.
”Spit It Out”:
”Grieve / Weeping Willow / Voiceless Choir”:
”Fallen into Disuse”:
WOJCZECH – straight grindcore blast beat worship | Rostock (Sensitive Wormrile/ Selfmadegod Records)
Still straight since 1995 feat. members of Who’s My Saviour, Entrails Massacre, Bad Luck Ride on Wheels, Confusion Master
BROTCRUSTE – esoteric punkviolence | Cottbus
Grindcore, Crust, irgendwas mit Punk und ne Menge Blödelei mit ernstem Unterton
damage: 15 EUR/ AK: 18 EUR
Doors: 20:00 Uhr
Start: 21:00 Uhr