Gadget, Entrails Massacre, Prescriptiondeath

BMC Booking, Grindmania Promotions & Jugendinitiative ProTon e.V. presents:
GADGET (SWE) – fast grind crust veterans (Relapse Records)
Though the band has generally flown under the radar, Gavle, Sweden’s GADGET has roots that trace back to 1997. The band have always included influences from every genre they’ve been fond of, like doom, sludge, hardcore punk, death metal and more, never letting genre boundaries stand in their way. GADGET have proven themselves to be a relentless force live as well as on record.
PRESCRIPTIONDEATH (SWE) – powerviolence/ grindcore (Flyktsoda)
It’s fast, heavy and brutal. Their mix of grindcore, hardcore and D-beat have been honed to a razor point.
ENTRAILS MASSACRE (HRO) – intense grindcore/ powerviolence
Brutal grindcore, always in a skilful balance of bulkiness & total apocalypse. Noisear meets the professional edge of Euro style grind.
doors: 20:00 Uhr
start: 21:00 Uhr
damage: presale:12 € /sale: 15€