M:40 (skandicrust/ d-beat, swe) + supports

BMC Booking präsentiert:
M:40 – crust/hardcore/d-beat | Lidköping, Schweden (Halvfabrikat Records | HoboRec)
M:40 does not only gives us the brutal side of DISFEAR, the raw side of TRAGEDY, or even the fierce side of SKITSYSTEM. „diagnos“ also proves that crust can infact be diverse; in contrary to the before mentioned. Imagine yourself arriving at the barren no-man’s land, with no way back to safety; warmth, love or affection. This is the soundtrack to that exact moment. A diverse hybrid of the above mentioned bands along BREACH and NEUROSIS
Kratzer – blackened d-beat/ crustpunk | Hamburg
Obscure Mortuary – crustgrind | Rostock (P.F.M.Productions/ GrindMania Promotions)
(current members of Entrails Massacre, Fucking Hostile)
Einlass: 20:30 UHR
Start: 22.00 UHR
Damage: 6 EUR