Anglistik Halloween Party

Fellow Ghouls, Zombies and creepy Clowns,

Get ready for a breathtaking night full of haunting, spooking and dancing your various different limbs off. You are hereby cordially invited to the Klex at the Lange Straße 14. We do request your appearance to match your devilish thoughts and haunted souls. As always, the most elaborate and, by our subjective standards, best costume shall receive a miraculous reward. We do offer rhythmic physical recreation on two different floors to please all human earholes. Furthermore, we want to tempt your human shells to consume several beverages of varying tastes and an undefined amount of crispy, yet cold food. We are all hellishly excited to see your flesh-bearing skeletons for a night you shall never forBat.

Yours not so sincerely,
the FSR

Trailer for the event: